Foldable Van Shelving Light Shelf

Foldable shelving systems for express couriers (CEP), forwarders, street sellers’ vans


For fitting out of express couriers, such as GLS – DHL – UPS – SDA, professional last mile package delivery services, or for small transport companies carrying packaged material, Store Van presents Light shelf, the range of third-generation foldable van shelving system.

Foldable Van Shelving for express courier services
Foldable Van Shelving

Light Shelf, foldable shelving systems for express couriers.

Light shelf shelving systems have been tested for many years on thousands of vehicles used by express couriers with excellent results in terms of sturdiness and reliability. Available in various lengths and configurable to suit the customer’s needs, these foldaway shelves can be used to optimise and considerably increase the van’s carrying capacity.
The system with Light shelf tip-up shelves can house up to 6 shelves in height and also allows the addition of “airline” guides for anchoring the load with straps and steady-load bars, to transport the goods in total safety.

Designed to transport containers and boxes with standard European measurements (400×300 mm and 600x400mm), the Light shelf range of van shelves also perfectly satisfies the needs for transporting replacement parts for vehicles, electrical household appliances, cutlery and crockery for catering services, etc.

Complete or partial closure of the shelves also makes it possible to transport voluminous goods on Euro-pallets.As a safety block, Light Shelf uses a special pin that allows the shelf to be opened with one hand.

The capacity of each shelf is 80 Kg and this can be increased up to 120 Kg with use of special uprights.

The Light Shelf suspension system needs no steel wires or straps, which are often an impediment in lengthwise arrangement of packages. This allows several shelves aligned at the same height to be transformed into a single surface, making it easy to transport particularly long goods.

Van shelving system StoreVan

Benefits of the Light Shelf foldable van shelving system:

Fitting out of express couriers

  • 6 shelves in height;
  • Total or partial closure;
  • Capacity up to 120kg;
  • Suspension system with no steel wires or straps;
  • Ideal for transporting long goods;
  • Compatible with containers with standard European measurements;
  • Holes on all shelves for housing and fastening standard aluminium partitions h 50 mm or arched partitions h 300 mm;
  • Possibility of adjusting or adding shelves in height at a distance of 38 mm, due to side brackets interlocked into the perforated uprights;
  • No sharp corners on all edges and holes;
  • Cataphoresis immersion coating of shelves (technology widely used in the car industry) to allow better resistance to corrosion and chemical agents than traditional phospho-degreasing and polyester powder;
  • Possibility of inserting anti-slip mat.


Arranging the goods in the van has never been easier!

A single system for loading small boxes or bulky goods, depending on the needs of the day! Up to 6 shelves in height with total or partial closure, no steel wires or hooks to hinder positioning of the goods and capacity up to 120kg. What are you waiting for? Request an estimate and discover Light Shelf!


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