Store Van - eco-sustainability

Store Van, with its parent company Fami S.r.l., celebrates its first birthday of a new goal in the use of advanced environmental and sustainable technology. For a year now a photovoltaic system of the latest design is installed on the 45.000 m² roof of the company buildings. These buildings are the head office of the production departments of the commercial vehicles fitting product range. The photovoltaic plant consists of no less than 6140 polycrystalline silicon panels which are excellent for their quality and stability of performance, constant and guaranteed for about 25 years. They cover a total area of 9824 m².

The benefits of the photovoltaic plant can be demonstrated in a number of ways: saving of fossil fuels, use of solar energy as a “clean” and inexhaustible power source, reduction in wastage of electrical power as the power produced is used immediately, operating and maintenance costs reduced to a minimum. To demonstrate this we list a summary of the numbers recorded:

  1. Theoretical power of the plant 1412.20 kWp;
  2. Theoretical yearly production of the plant 1,657,800.00 kWh;
  3. Ratio of Co² not emitted to the kWh produced = 0.00065 tons of Co²/kWh.
  4. Producing 24% of the company’s annual demand

Environmental labelling of packaging