Drawer units for vans

Compose your ideal van drawer unit using Drawers

Our drawer units for vans are made from modular structures in automotive steel. They are pre-assembled based on the height and dimensions provided by the customer. The drawers are easily fitted onto shelving units for vans and can also be provided with the outfit. The modular nature of the structures makes the composition of each drawer unit very flexible, allowing you to add additional modules even at a later date. Store Van drawer units for vans can easily be adapted to suit any customer’s individual needs. The shelving units can be fitted on vans of various different heights and can be used with other modules, such as workbenches, worktops, tanks, removable case holders and much more.
Store Van drawer units for vans can easily be opened with just one hand and offer two different types of drawers based on the desired capacity and dimensions:

Types of drawers:

Drawer unit for vans -


Fully removable drawers with a capacity of 50kg, with drawer stops for both open and closed positions.

Drawer unit for vans -


Fully removable drawers with a capacity of 40 kg, with drawer stop for the closed position. Available for: SIDE FRAME van shelving with side-drawer opening towards the vehicle doors.

Tool drawer unit for vans
  • Shelving unit with drawers, containers and spray can racks
  • Metal drawer unit for vans with aluminium dividers
  • Shelving units with drawers for vans
  • Fully removable drawers for vans
  • Accessories for tool drawer unit
  • Plastic divider trays for small parts
  • Workbench with drawer unit for vans

The different drawers that comprise the drawer unit for vans are fitted with comfortable high-strength ergonomic handles in yellow polypropylene plastic. This makes opening the drawers easy even when wearing work gloves or with greasy hands. The surface of the drawers, as well as the entire tool drawer unit for vans, is easily washable, thanks to the special properties of the material used.
The drawer guides are fitted with a further safety lock thanks to the zinc-plated locking springs. This feature allows you to lock the drawers, preventing them from opening during your trip.


The internal perforations on the sides of the drawers on the metal drawer units for vans allow you to insert dividers made from ribbed aluminium and plastic divider trays. These are the perfect solutions for dividing space and separating materials (nuts and bolts, special tools).
Alternatively, the drawers can be fitted with soft or rigid thermoformed moulds for holding tools, transforming this solution into a true tool drawer unit for vans.

To prevent material getting mixed up in the drawers during transport, Store Van offers an anti-slip and noise-damping mat that adheres perfectly to the surface the drawer rests on.

According to requirements, the inside of the drawer unit for equipping vans can be divided using plastic containers for vans or metal dividers. These are ideal for storing very small components and items of different sizes. When fitted in the upper part of the outfit, Store Van drawer units for vans can be completed with wooden worktops or smooth metal worktops, thus providing extra work surfaces.


Fitting a drawer unit into the different Store Van shelving units for vans allows you to create a custom outfit for every work van. When purchased pre-assembled, drawer units for vans can easily be reused in other vehicles. This means that, if in the future you replace your commercial vehicle with another one that is compatible with the outfit, you can remove and refit the drawer unit by yourself.

The Store Van drawer unit for vans is functional, secure and practical. It can also be customised and configured according to your requirements and different modules.

Drawer units for vans: prices and information.

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