Fittings for courier and express delivery

Express transports: how to make easy and fast goods delivery

Express transports

Goods transport is fundamental for commerce, without it we wouldn’t find the products we need in shops or receive those we ordered online. The job of a courier is characterised by frenzy and traffic, so critical are the organisation of deliveries and the reduction of time when loading and unloading goods. If packages have a well-thought lay-out, delivery times shorten, and workers productivity heightens.

Light Shelf, the fittig for couriers that fits in with your needs

Usually, when choosing which vehicle should be bought, users look for the dimension that corresponds to the future usage. This means that the loading capacity has to be suited to the materials, products or packages that will be transported. With the Light Shelf fitting this is no longer a problem: the foldable shelving system helps to quickly modify the space available in the van, guaranteeing maximum flexibility to the user, while efficiency can be obtained thanks to the shelves with 80kg capacity, increasable to 120 kg with the use of special uprights.

The possibility to install up to 6 foldable shelves per side helps users to organise goods in the best way possible: packages can be laid out depending on their size or delivery priorities and anchored using load restraining belts and standard or arched partitions. In this way, identifying the package that has to be delivered will be easier and clearer. Shelves dimensions are studied to house containers and boxes with standard European measurements, while their raised sides and their slightly pitch are an additional feature that avoids the movement of products during transport.
Store Van can transform entirely the vehicle for the most demanding couriers: a partitioning wall can be inserted between the driver’s cab and the cargo area, guaranteeing maximum security for workers and speed when looking for the right package. The modified vehicle will be delivered together with the relative COC certification, mandatory when means of transport undergo to structural changes.


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