Van loading ramp

Folding and servo-assisted van loading ramps: the ideal solution for loading any type of goods rapidly and without any effort.

Van loading ramp makes loading and unloading of goods to and from the vehicle’s loading compartment faster and less strenuous. Their installation does not require any additional fixing holes on the bodywork or van floor, leaving the original structure intact. Thanks to a special attachment system, the ramp is fastened to a lateral telescopic column. In this way, the weight is properly balanced so as to guarantee greater stability and durability over time.

The Store Van loading ramps are available in two variants: ramps with tubular steel structure and anti-slip aluminium diamond plate, with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 1,500 kg, and aluminium van loading ramps with 340 kg maximum load-bearing capacity.



The feet are adjustable in height with roller support to adapt the ramp to the vertical movements of the vehicle


Gas springs for easier opening and closing movements.


Lower fixing using the vehicle’s original fixing points; therefore it is not necessary to drill holes. Upper fixing to stabilise and strengthen the structure.


Patented and TÜV-GS certified ramps. Additional vertical rotation opening with locking.


  • Anchoring to the vehicle through a telescopic column, with 3-point fastening system;
  • Assembly without altering the structure of the vehicle’s bodywork and the van floor;
  • Extremely short assembly time;
  • Innovative servo-assisted closing and opening system;
  • Additional opening with vertical rotation and locking;
  • Support system consisting of self-positioning feet;
  • Useful width of the ramp surface: from 800 to 1,250 mm;
  • Useful length of the ramp surface: from 2,000 to 3,000 mm;
  • Load-bearing capacity up to 1,500 kg;
  • Patented and TÜV-GS-certified ramp.

Folding aluminium loading ramps

Store Van also offers aluminium van ramps, an ideal solution for customers requiring lightweight ramps with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 340 kg. The aluminium ramp can be used as a ramp for motorcycles and mopeds. In this case, the ramp is not installed using the lateral telescopic column, but is simply placed on the van floor on the desired spot and held in place thanks to special non-slip plugs.

The handles on the sides allow for easily shifting the ramp in any position. Moreover, the ramp can be folded and tucked away inside the van or anchored to a roof rack system.

This solution is adopted mostly by people transporting motorcycles, who require specific equipment enabling them to load the motor vehicles without any effort in the shortest possible time.

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