Information on treatment of personal data
In compliance with art. 10 of the Law n. 675/1996, the company informs you that your personal data will be treated as follows:

Law on Privacy

Last update: 01/07/2004

We inform you that, in compliance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, the personal data you have given us during commercial relations and/or promotional activities or during relations deriving from the use of our services, or aiming at the presentation of our offers or the formation of contractual relations, will be manually and electronically processed for:

  • legal performance connected with civil-law, tax, accounting etc;
  • performance of contractual duties, technical and technical support related to products and services you purchase even after-sales or after guarantee period where provided;
  • Administrative management of relations.

Please note that we do not have data referred to by the above mentioned Legislative Decree “sensitive”, i.e., data regarding health, membership of trade unions, religious and philosophical beliefs, and membership in political parties. The data will be processed guaranteeing their safety and privacy, even via electronic instruments to store, manage and transmit said data. The data in question are disclosed by our company to our sales, assistance and/or service distribution networks (distributors, managers etc.), or for guaranteed service performances, to companies producing goods or to the service company managing the guaranteed service.
Furthermore, please note that the data referred to you can also be disclosed to banks and financial institutions and legal offices, for the management of takings and payments deriving from the enforcement of contracts. Your data can also be disclosed, after inspections, verifications or requests, Financial Administration and to Agencies/Organisms which do verification and controls about the regular fulfilment to civil/fiscal obligations.
We do not transfer these data abroad not even in the European Union. Considering the commercial relationships, we will keep and process your data till you communicate the contrary. We underline the fact that the processing of data according to what stated above, is mandatory and essential for the fulfilment of the obligations of Law and/or your adhesion to using our services and to the regular fulfilment of the contractual engagements, as well as for the correct fulfilment of civil and fiscal obligations provided by current regulations.
Responsible for data processing is:

FAMI S.r.l.
Via Stazione Rossano 13
36027 Rosà Vicenza Italia

With regard to the above, you are entitled to the rights provided by art.7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003, published in the Ordinary Supplement 123 to the Official Journal n. 174 dated 29.07.2003.

Art. 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 –
(Right to access personal data and other rights)

  1. Data subject has the right to obtain a confirmation as to whether or not personal data relating to him/her exists, regardless of their being already recorded, as well as the intelligible communication of such data.
  2. Data subject has the right to obtain information about:
    1. a. the source of personal data;
    2. b. the purposes and methods of processing;
    3. c. of the logic applied to the processing, if carried out via electronic means;
    4. d. the identity of the holder, of the responsible and the designate representative according to art. 5, par. 2;
    5. e. Subjects and categories of subjects, to whom personal data can be communicated or who have the possibility to know such data because they are the designate representative of the State, of responsible in charge.
  3. Data subject has the right to obtain:
    1. a. The updating, rectification, or when applicable, completion of data;
    2. b. The deletion, anonymisation or blocking of data, which have been processed unlawfully, including those the storage of which is not necessary for purposes for which they were collected or subsequently processed;
    3. c. A statement confirming that operations as in points a) and b) have been notified, as also related to their contents, to the subjects to whom data were communicated or disclosed, except when the provision of such information proves to be impossible.

Information on treatment of personal data
Declaration on privacy

Treatment of personal data

FAMI S.r.l. Privacy statement.
It is very important to us at FAMI S.r.l. to guarantee the privacy of our clients and for this reason we are committed to developing technologies which are able to offer state-of-the-art web experiences but also maximum security. Most of our website can be used without giving any personal information. However, sometimes we need further information to provide requested services. In this Declaration on privacy we describe the mechanisms for collecting and processing data in these cases. Please read carefully the declaration. When visiting FAMI S.r.l. website, you are agreeing to the collection and processing of your data as described in this document.

Collecting personal data
We will ask for personal information only in case they are necessary to identify or contact you. This generally occurs in case it is necessary to register to use a service, such as participating in a contest, subscribing to newsletters, visiting a limited-access websites, or for purchasing FAMI S.r.l. products. In most cases, the information collected in the FAMI S.r.l. website is limited to the e-mail address, language and city or country of the user. However, sometimes we need further information to provide some services.

In case of purchase and installation of a new product, an electronic registration could be necessary. In this case the registration data are stored together with other possible information provided by the user during previous visits to our FAMI S.r.l. website. All this information put together will make up the user’s personal profile.

Use of personal data
Personal information is mainly used for four purposes:

  1. To simplify the use of the website for the users that will not have to enter the same information more than once;
  2. to allow users to easily find software products, services and information in the FAMI S.r.l. website;
  3. to allow FAMI S.r.l. to create a website which is able to offer information that are truly interesting and useful for the users;
  4. to inform the users of the available updates regarding products, special offers, last minute information and new services provided by FAMI S.r.l.

All personal information collected by FAMI S.r.l. can be shared internally to FAMI S.r.l. , even with controlled branches and affiliates. Moreover, in some cases FAMI S.r.l. can make use of other companies to provide limited services, such as packaging and sending products, answering to the clients’ questions about products and services, sending ordinary mail and processing subscriptions to events. FAMI S.r.l. will provide these companies only with the necessary data to guarantee the service. The use by these companies of these data for other purposes is prohibited.

FAMI S.r.l. will disclose users’ personal information without notice only when required in compliance with the law or when it is considered necessary for: (a) fulfilling legal obligations or complying with relevant provisions of law FAMI S.r.l. or the website; (b) protecting the rights and property of FAMI S.r.l. and its websites, and (c) intervening in emergency situations for the protection the personal safety of the users of FAMI S.r.l. and its websites or of the public in general.

Control of personal information
All personal information provided by the user during the registration process or in any other situation, will not be disclosed by FAMI S.r.l. to third parties without user’s consent, except in the cases described in the paragraph above. Personal information will be used only for the purposes mentioned above.

FAMI S.r.l. can periodically send emails about technical problems concerning products or services used by the user. It is not possible to request not to receive these communications, since they are considered as an essential part of the service provided.

Accessing personal information
FAMI S.r.l. provides the users with all the necessary tools to verify that all personal information is correct and updated. You can modify and update this information at any time in the portal. The user can:

  1. Read and modify the information previously provided to FAMI S.r.l.
  2. Communicate to FAMI S.r.l. whether he/she wants to receive marketing information.
  3. Agree to receive offers by other manufacturers by post.
  4. Subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter regarding FAMI S.r.l. products and services

Protection of personal information
The FAMI S.r.l. website unconditionally protects the privacy of all personal information provided and guarantees that they will be used according to the conditions you agreed to. FAMI S.r.l. protects all personal data preventing any loss, improper use, unauthorised disclosure or destruction.

Personal information will never be provided to third parties without user’s consent, except for the limited cases described above. At FAMI S.r.l. all data are stored in password-protected and limited-access servers. Each user can play an important role in the protection of personal information. Nobody can read or modify your personal information without knowing your account Passport and password; therefore, we strongly recommend not disclosing them to anyone.

Use of cookies
In order to be able to publish information that is truly useful for its clients, FAMI S.r.l. collects aggregate statistical data regarding visits to the website via the use of cookies. Specific information on the clients’ use of the website is not collected.

When a user visits the website for the first time, a cookie will be copied onto his/her computer (if the computer is configured to accept cookies), that will be read during the successive visits. The web technology based on beaconing, also known as “clear gif” is used for sending the cookies. This technology allows knowing how many visitors have clicked on key elements (e.g. links or pictures) in a FAMI S.r.l. web page. This technology however, does not allow accessing personal information on the FAMI S.r.l. website. In fact, it is a technology for the collection of aggregate statistical data regarding the use of the FAMI S.r.l. website. FAMI S.r.l. does not disclose collected information to third parties and forbids inserting clear gifs in FAMI S.r.l. websites.

If you configure the system so to refuse cookies, you can still visualise the texts in the web page, but it will not be possible to customise your visits or subscribe to services provided in the website.

Links to further information on cookies

Modifications to the Declaration on privacy
FAMI S.r.l. can occasionally update this Declaration on privacy. In this case, the date indicated at the beginning of the declaration, at the option “Last update”, will be modified. In case of substantial modification to the content of the declaration, FAMI S.r.l. will inform its clients by publishing notices on the matter on the website.

To contact us
FAMI S.r.l. is glad to receive comments and suggestions on this Declaration on privacy. Please contact us via e-mail at: or by post.

FAMI S.r.l.
Via Stazione Rossano 13
36027 Rosà Vicenza Italia

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