Van interior equipment, linings and panelling, shelving for vans and many other products to set up your mobile workshop

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StoreVan is an outfitter of commercial vehicles of all sizes and models with fittings and interior lining equipment including flooring, shelving, tool cases, racks and ladder racks, loading ramps and extensible systems to improve the quality of on-board operations during daily work in a van. A suitable outfitting for a professional van, in compliance with current safety and load securing standards, will protect your vehicle, maximise the available space, ensure tidy tool storage, secure goods, and provide containment for work material and spare parts.

Equip your mobile workshop with:

The right interior linings protect the original metalwork of a vehicle whose structure, upon delivery from the dealership, needs to be upgraded to face a long and productive work life; flooring and panelling are the ideal materials to use in the cargo area of a van to prevent wear, rusting and accidental damage.

Modular shelving for mobile workshops: true antidotes against untidiness and real benefit boosters. From safe, quick and clean storage of tools and equipment in small parts cases arranged on shelves, in drawers, on racks and in cabinets, to the operating support ensured by work benches and a wide range of accessories, all the way to management of leftover stocks, practically arranged in removable containers and bins with aluminium dividers.

Customisable at will, van outfitting equipment offers different solutions to meet goods transporting requirements; if the cargo area inside the vehicle is not sufficiently large it is possible to obtain more space by exploiting the roof surface, installing one of our several available configurations of roof bars, pipe loaders and ladder racks.

After purchasing a van, making the most of your purchase with tailor-made outfitting equipment is the right strategy to leverage your brand image; a customer who is happy with the customer service received – prompt, timely and to the point – will spread the word among family and friends, and even competitors!