StoreVan was founded in 2003 to respond to the very precise market of fitting out and customization of commercial vehicles.


StoreVan, with its dedicated design and production departments, is as innovative as Fami, whose philosophy and managerial approach it shares.
Store Van operates all over Italy and Europe and has set its sights on continued expansion. As a brand of the Fami Group, the flexibility of its products is a source of pride within the industrial group and helps ensure its position as a solid partner for its customers.

Increased production efficiency and high quality yield are of great importance for all companies, and it is in this light that Store Van offers a range of accessories for the fitting out of a wide variety of commercial vehicles.

Store Van studies, designs and manufactures the products and fits out all the interior spaces, making use of Innovative accessories specially made to measure for all types of vehicles.



In 1929, Mario Milani founded an iron workshop in Bassano del Grappa. In 1963 that workshop became the Industrial Mobile Equipment Factory. In 1970, FAMI entered into international markets. Those were important years, that, thanks to diversification and innovation of the products and of the productive processes, saw the company achieving a leading position even abroad. Store Van originates from FAMI Group, at first as a company producing and marketing fittings for commercial vehicles; then, once incorporated in the FAMI parent company, it has become an independent brand leader in the sector. Store Van is made internally to Fami with its design studies and production. It is an evolving and expanding brand, which continues the tradition of the parent company, confirming its reliability and great technology.