Fitting for household appliance transport

How to ship a household appliance

Transporting household appliance or, in general, products with different dimensions and, sometimes, fragile can imply numerous risks. Goods should be loaded paying attention to the various dimensions, weights and the possibility to stack them. If transported horizontally, the front and back side of the products should never be laid down on the floor. Moreover, care and attention have to be made when products are packed. The ideal thing would be the use of polystyrene, cardboard, film, plastic straps and pallets to make products more stable and safer.

Light Shelf, the ideal solution for household appliance transport

The Light Shelf foldable shelving system is the ideal solution not only for household appliance stores, but also for all those people who deal with household appliance transport and installation. The van shelves can be folded according to the quantity and dimension of the transported products. For example, the opened shelves can host small-medium size products, like irons, toasters, while the central area can be used to transport washing machines, dishwashers etc. Whereas, when shelves are closed, the cargo area has more free space to load bulky objects: the perfect solution to transport refrigerators and chest freezers.

Safety during transport is guaranteed thanks to the use of load restraining belts and telescopic bars together with the lashing points inserted on the flooring and under the different shelves. The integration of these elements allows to create a structure to avoid product displacement and fall during transport. If transport is made with pallets, the friction between them and the flooring can be increased using rubber non-slip mats.

StoreVan loading ramps can be added to any kind of van racking system as an important element for loading and unloading household appliance. Moreover, the roof and ladder rack can be useful if the installation of household appliance has to be made in elevated places (air-conditioner, cooker hoods, etc.).


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