Horizontal retractable system

Take out

Horizontal retractable system TAKE OUT

The horizontal retractable system for cargo vans makes loading, unloading operations and transported material anchoring easier.

  • 6 widths available
  • 3 lengths available
  • 300 kg load capacity
  • 60% extraction
  • block in different positions

The extractable system is prearranged for fixing modules and equipment. The slide moves on aluminium guide rails and it facilitates the movement of medium-sized equipment.

If generators, air-compressors and welding machines are used inside the vehicle, by law it has to be equipped with an additional tailpipe for air pollutant. Thanks to Store Van horizontal retractable system you can use the equipment outside the vehicle, without creating additional holes in the bodywork.

3 different types: with wooden top, with wooden top covered with rubber coating, with iron crossbeam


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