Van raised floor and under-floor drawers

Floor Up van fittings include raised floor with underfloor drawers and van shelving units.

Van raised floor and under-floor drawers
    • Van raised floor and under-floor drawers
    • Double level outfitting system for vans
    • Under-floor drawers
    • Under-floor drawers
    • Double level outfitting system
    • Raised floor with underfloor drawers and van shelving units


The underfloor drawers are the key element of the new FLOOR UP by Store Van, the outfitting system for vans featuring a raised floor with storage compartments and underfloor drawers, designed to improve the load capacity of commercial vehicles with a cargo volume of less than 5 m3.

The goods storage and handling system improves ergonomics and makes transport easy and fast. This result was achieved thanks to the introduction of particularly long and spacious underfloor drawers for vans, placed at the rear and along the sides of the vehicle next to the doors.

FLOOR UP is easy to assemble and the aluminium components, such as the drawer fronts and dividers, make it particularly light.


The underfloor drawers combine high capacity, at 80 kg per drawer, and a broad range of separation items such as longitudinal and transversal moveable aluminium dividers, and various-sized plastic boxes to separate and hold the items they contain. The full-height side walls also prevent any material spillage during transport.
As an alternative to the underfloor drawers, a hatch can be inserted to create an area suitable to hold larger and/or heavier objects with respect to those which can be inserted in the underfloor drawers.


The upper part of the outfitting is developed with a marine birch wood floor with special high-strength coating and TÜV-certified friction coefficient. The floor is fitted with AIRLINE anchor points with a pull force of 200 daN, in compliance with the new European directive 2014/47/EU regarding cargo safety and securing. FLOOR UP is easy to assemble and the aluminium components, such as the drawer fronts and dividers, make it particularly light.

    • Drawer with opening stopper;
    • Handle along the entire length of the drawer;
    • Drawer entirely in aluminium;
    • Drawer cabinet frame in welded structure;
    • Diagonal and longitudinal dividers;
    • Drawers h100 and h200;
    • Drawer capacity 80 kg ;
    • Lightweight and modular structure;
    • Aluminium front;
    • Folding aluminium door;
    • AIRLINE anchor points.


Why choose our Floor Up commercial vehicle outfitting?

When you need more room to transport material and equipment in your van, make room with Store Van’s raised floor. If it were a slogan, it would be “less is more”; instead, it is the underlying principle of our designs – increasing the storage capacity in the cargo area of medium-small to small-sized commercial vehicles.

If you have a small-sized van, Floor Up is the ideal solution. Thanks to its under-floor drawer units, you can make the most of the available space while keeping everything ready at your fingertips. This will keep the loading platform clear with a highly positive impact on goods loading and/or storage operations. Store Van floorings are applied without affecting the bodywork of commercial vehicles, which can be converted into proper mobile workshops thanks to shelving systems for vans, toolboxes and drawers, loading ramps, ladder racks, tool cases, tool holders, organisers, storage systems and all the other available accessories.


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