Van fittings for plants and flowers transportation

How to semplify the transport of flowers and plants

Van fittings for plants and flowers transportation

Transporting flowers, plants and small shrubs may appear as a simple task, but it can present numerous problems. When loading plants on the vehicle, you have to take in account different elements: their dimensions, volumes, how to protect them and how easy water them is.

Light Shelf the right solution to transport safely the most delicate and fragile products

The foldable shelving system Light Shelf appears to be the perfect solution to transport flowers, plants and small shrubs. To facilitate their transportation, Plants should be inserted in plastic pot holder trays in order to widen the support surface and, at the same time, avoid the possibility of fall. Useful is the use of wooden and plastic containers, or cardboard boxes, so that the breaking of branches and leaves can be avoided. The lay-out of plants on the shelves will be easier and will facilitate the watering if transport lasts more than one day.

The smallest and less bulky products can be easily inserted in the upper shelves, while higher plants can be placed on the flooring after closing the lower shelf. All the transported materials can be easily anchored thanks to load restraining belts or arched partitions. The raised sides of shelves create an additional support for plants and contain water and soil that can fall during transport.

Available in 7 different lengths, the foldable shelves can house pot holder trays of different dimensions. For example, a shelf 1125×406 can house:

  • 2 trays 520×330 mm with 6 holes for pots with 15 cm diameter;
  • 3 trays 340×260 mm with 12 holes for pots with 10 cm diameter;
  • 2 trays 545×310 mm with 10 holes for pots with 12 cm diameter.

On request, an additional module with drawers and trays can be installed in one of the van’s side to transport equipment and tools.


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