Protective van bulkhead system

Protecting van partitions while optimising space

With the bulkhead system, you can protect the bodywork but also fully optimise the space by carrying accessories and equipment in total safety!

  • 2 heights available
  • 3 lengths available
  • “Airline” bars for straps and hooks
  • Modular options with perforated steel or wooden panels
  • Wide range of accessories to be attached

The bulkhead system is one of the latest products designed by Store Van to offer its customers increasingly useful and innovative interior coverings. Ideal as a panel for attaching tools and securing ladders and loading ramps, the van bulkhead system designed by Store Van allows for fully exploiting the area of the load compartment adjacent to the van partition behind the cab, which is normally used exclusively for climbing in and out of the vehicle.

The advantages

The bulkhead system behind the cab designed by Store Van performs three important functions:


Have you ever had to replace your van partition? This part of the bodywork, which is extremely thin, is normally replaced entirely at a considerable cost, which, if the vehicle is to be sold, must be borne by the owner to maintain the vehicle’s value. With Store Van you can avoid this inconvenience thanks to an innovative and modular product of premium quality. Available with perforated steel or wooden panels, the van bulkhead system does more than merely protect the partition: the horizontal bars, combined with “Airline” steel lashing points, and steel ribbed side reinforcements, make the bulkhead sturdier and also provide numerous fixing points. The various components make the bulkhead system far more effective compared to a mere internal covering..


As van outfitters, the goal of fully optimising the space inside the commercial vehicle has always been a priority. The Store Van bulkhead system, besides protecting the bodywork of the partition dividing the load compartment from the cab, allows for exploiting the area behind the cab, which is normally not used, by optimally arranging equipment and tools. Ladders, loading ramps, cans, trolleys and scaffolds can be secured safely, without occupying any useful space. The holes in the panels can be used to attach hooks for vans, document holders, cord brackets, can holders or other Store Van accessories, while the folding workbench, tucked at the bottom of the bulkhead system, provides an ideal work surface at all times with 150 kg load-bearing capacity and holes for attaching vises and other equipment.


Thanks to the horizontal steel bars with “Airline” lashing points, the load can be secured using belts and load-securing bars. If not secured, the equipment can move inside the vehicle during transport and risk hitting the side panels or the partition behind the cab.

Examples of van bulkhead system

The Store Van anti-impact bulkhead systems are modular and can be accessorised. Depending on its desired width (and height), there are various options: smooth panels made of engineered beech or coated steel perforated panels. The van bulkhead systems measuring 1,016 mm and 1,524 mm in length can be equipped with a folding workbench:

Length 1016mm
Bulkhead system with perforated steel and wooden panels
  • 1016_DSC0220
  • 1016_DSC0216
  • 1016_DSC0218
  • 1016_DSC0225
  • 1016_DSC0227
Length 1225mm
Bulkhead system with perforated steel and wooden panels 1225_DSC0213
  • 1225_DSC0213
  • 1225_DSC0214
  • 1225_DSC0215
  • 1225_DSC0223
Length 1524mm
  • 1524_DSC0205
  • 1524_DSC0209
  • 1524_DSC0210
  • 1524_DSC0221
  • 1524_DSC0222

Option with folding workbench:

Besides the perforated panels for attaching tools, the van bulkhead system can include a folding workbench with perforated wooden top and metal legs. Inserted in the van bulkhead system, where it occupies the unused space between the bulkhead itself and the wall behind the cab, the folding workbench can be extracted and then carried easily and quickly, even outdoors. Thanks to its highly stable structure, it has a load-bearing capacity of 150 kg and allows for performing work and/or repairs quite easily. The holes on the top can be used for fitting vises and other tools, so as to have an actual professional folding workbench!

Folding workbench details


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