Van equipment Talento L1 H1 Professional

Fiat Talento with Professional outfitting: the perfect solution to work in complete safety

Many examples of mobile workshop solutions to be inspired by, to fit out your Talento van, organise your daily tasks and make your work easier!

An incredibly “talented” square-shaped van in the Fiat Professional range, the Talento meets a variety of business needs. Compact on the outside and incredibly spacious inside, the Fiat Talento stands out for its cargo capacity, versatility and agility.

In order to optimise the available space, protect the interior bodywork and make the most of the cargo area, Store Van recommends setting up a special mobile workshop for Fiat Talento that enhances its functionality, value for money and safety, offering shelving for modular vans and specific solutions.

Wooden flooring and polypropylene side panels for interior lining in the cargo area, roof racks and ladder racks for safe transport of goods on the roof and modular shelving systems for tidy, safe storage of your tools: there are thousands of different configuration solutions for your customised Talento. Technical specifications and various design examples will help you identify your exact requirements.

Check out Talento L1 H1 van equipment outfitting examples (wheelbase 3098 mm) to configure your customised Fiat mobile workshop solution.


*Fixing kit included

Complete Professional solutions for Talento L1 H1

Examples of shelving for Professional vans for Talento L1 H1

“It provides interior lining to extend the life of the original cargo area metalwork, protecting the floor, the rear cab bulkhead, and the wheel arch cover with wooden panelling and the sides and doors with polypropylene panelling against dents, corrosion and wear.

No more threats to the cargo area metalwork thanks to protective coverings for the floor, doors and sides and the outstanding corrosion resistance of the shelving thanks to cataphoretic-coated automotive electro-galvanised sheet steel, a highly advanced technology used exclusively by Store Van for the production of fittings for commercial vehicles.”

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