Doblò van equipment L1 H1

Doblò Professional equipment solutions: The perfect integration between a vehicle and an equipped mobile workshop.

Doblò Professional equipment solutions: The perfect integration between a vehicle and an equipped mobile workshop.

Store Van offers van equipments for Doblò. The Fiat Doblò mobile workshop for commercial vehicles can be equipped with “load safety” fittings, a structure consisting of AIRLINE guides, mobile load retaining bars that slide on the guides and belts with quick-fit clamps. Secured by the bars that move to adapt to different sizes and volumes, the goods are even more securely anchored via straps with clamps; in case of overturning due to sudden braking, this avoids damage to the cargo and the cargo area interior.

A Doblò outfitting offering high safety standards like Store Van’s outfitting options, is the ideal solution for transporting breakable (window panes, bottles) or heavy (door and window frames, large boxes, building material) and other similarly critical materials.

Have a look at our Doblò Cargo outfitting options, one of them could just suit your van and become your best credentials to show to customers!


*Fixing kit included

Complete Professional solutions for Doblò L1 H1

Examples of Professional modular shelving for Doblò L1 H1

No matter what your job is, what matters is that you can work as efficiently as possible and with the best resources available.

If you feel we are on the same wavelength, let’s start talking! At Store Van, van outfitting does not mean simply replicating the same model of mobile workshop, but applying entrepreneurial creativity to producing synergism between professionals and their working vans – essentially important to achieve top results by leveraging specific strengths.

Like in any successful team-work project, at the design department first, and then in our authorised Store Van facilities, we devise strategies aimed at producing the best results by making the most of talent, skills, expertise, and the mutual support that partners can give each other – as well as the abilities and inventiveness that come from sharing and comparing ideas.

Click here to learn more about our SAFETY, PROFESSIONAL, MOBILE and FLOOR UP fittings packages


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