StoreBox – Van Tool Cases

Store Van offer the best solution for transporting equipment such as, Power tools, Hand tools, Testing equipment, etc. The van tool case StoreBox, together with an array of sliding and transportable boxes, is now more than ever, an essential component inside your Commercial Vehicle. Van tool cases can help you keep your tools and supplies organized and secure. The Van tool boxes are ideal for keep all necessary tools and appliances for use at a breakdown far from your Van.

Produced in plastic or steel, in four different standard sizes, the tool boxes and tool trays Store-Box System of Store Van adapt perfectly to the shelves to mobile workshop in each cargo van for commercial vehicles. The containers becomes mobiles with a trolleys for cases with four swivel wheels (two with brake) or from a collapsible cart in aluminum. They are organized with compartments designed for the best case of all kinds of work and customizable tool with non-slip rubber mat, trays with bowls, set of subdivision (galvanized steel frame and dividers in aluminum for the frame) and the inserts colored StoreBox Divider, optimal for the storage of screws, nails, washers, bolts, dowels and nuts. All cases can be fitted with the “Sky” coverage in expanded polypropylene.