Ladder and roof racks for Renault Master

Ensuring that a load travels on the van roof in complete safety is the job of the Store Van roof and ladder racks for Renault Master commercial vehicles. As well as safety, we have also made the two systems as easy to operate as possible by including a loading roller and a slide with cushioned lowering in aluminium and stainless steel, a material which makes them extremely lightweight yet strong.

Roof rack for MasterROOF AND LADDER RACK

Ladder and roof racks StoreVan

Roof rack

L1 H1POT 2192750×1700 mm33,44 Kg166,00 Kg

L1 H2POT 2203000×1600 mm33,23 Kg166,00 Kg

L2 H2POT 2143400×1600 mm34,81 Kg165,00 Kg

L3 H2POT 2154000×1600 mm40,59 Kg159,00 Kg

L4 H2POT 2164350×1600 mm45,80 Kg154,00 Kg


Ladder rack for Master


Ladder rack for Renault Master 2010

L1 H1POS 2192750×1680 mm61,35 Kg138,00 Kg

L1 H2POS 2203000×1580 mm60,61 Kg139,00 Kg

L2 H2POS 2143400×1580 mm64,30 Kg135,00 Kg

L3 H2POS 2154000×1580 mm69,08 Kg131,00 Kg

L4 H2POS 2164350×1580 mm73,56 Kg126,00 Kg

The ladder rack rail can be mounted on the right or left side.

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