Ladder and roof racks for Ford Transit

Store Van designs and produces roof and ladder racks with loading rollers for the Ford Transit range of commercial vehicles. Constructed in aluminium and stainless steel, the roof rack is an optimal way of meeting the need to load working material on the van roof and ensure it is fixed securely in place when on the move and during braking. The Store Van ladder rack takes the effort out of transporting ladders, in compliance with current safety regulations. Loading/unloading the ladder on the van roof is simplified by the ladder slide with cushioned lowering.

Roof rack for TransitROOF AND LADDER RACK

Ladder and roof racks StoreVan

Roof rack

L2 H2POT 3142750×1800 mm26,25 Kg123,00 Kg

L2 H3POT 3152750×1700 mm25,53 Kg74,00 Kg

L3 H2POT 3163200×1800 mm31,96 Kg117,00 Kg

L3 H3POT 3173200×1700 mm31,06 Kg68,00 Kg

L4 H3POT 3183700×1700 mm40,61 Kg59,00 Kg


Ladder rack for Transit Van


Portascale per Ford Transit 2014

L2 H2POS 3143240×1780 mm56,64 Kg93,00 Kg

L2 H3POS 3153240×1680 mm55,65 Kg44,00 Kg

L3 H2POS 3163240×1780 mm61,60 Kg88,00 Kg

L3 H3POS 3173240×1680 mm60,43 Kg39,00 Kg

L4 H3POS 3183700×1680 mm65,42 Kg34,00 Kg

The ladder rack rail can be mounted on the right or left side.