Ladder and roof racks for Fiat Ducato

Store Van designs and produces ladder and roof racks for Fiat Ducato commercial vehicles. With our products, we guarantee users that they will be able to carry equipment on the van roof in accordance with current safety legislation. Rugged but lightweight because they are in aluminium and stainless steel, the loading roller and the slide with cushioned lowering simplify loading and unloading of the ladder and goods.

Roof racks for Ducato

Roof rack

L1 H1 / CH1POT 0053000×1800 mm28,19 Kg124,00 Kg
L1 H2 / CH2POT 0133000×1700 mm27,47 Kg124,00 Kg
L2 H1 / MH1POT 0063400×1800 mm29,77 Kg123,00 Kg
L2 H2 / MH2POT 0103400×1700 mm29,05 Kg124,00 Kg
L4 H2 / LH2POT 0073700×1700 mm34,26 Kg114,00 Kg
L5 H2 / XLH2POT 0084000×1700 mm39,47 Kg114,00 Kg

Ladder rack for Ducato

Ladder rack


L1 H1 / CH1POS 0053000×1780 mm56,25 Kg96,00 Kg
L1 H2 / CH2POS 0153000×1680 mm54,96 Kg96,00 Kg
L2 H1 / MH1POS 0063400×1780 mm59,94 Kg91,00 Kg
L2 H2 / MH2POS 0073400×1680 mm58,65 Kg93,00 Kg
L4 H2 / LH2POS 0083700×1680 mm68,37 Kg83,00 Kg
L5 H2 / XLH2POS 0104000×1680 mm73,08 Kg79,00 Kg
The ladder rack rail can be mounted on the right or left side.

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