Store Van’s fitting has been chosen by an American company

When it came to how his vehicle should be fitted, Raymond Basil of “Creative Carpentry” found himself looking for a fitting that allows him to transport in a safely and order way all the equipment he needs in his daily work: from tool cases for medium/big equipment, to small-size materials and plasterboards. Buying and installing standard modules would have taken a lot of space to the panels’ disadvantage that, because of their nature, have to be carried laying on the floor to avoid bending and breakings.

Surfing online he found different offerings that didn’t fulfil completely his needs until he visited Store Van’s website and filled in the contact form. He talked with one of our salesmen and, together, they found the best solution for his vehicle. At the end, he chose the foldable van shelving system Light Shelf with the addition of two small standard modules. In this way, the traditional fitting system has been integrated with Light Shelf in order to have additional space to store smaller materials. The arranged fitting has been shipped to America where the client installed it by himself.

The fitting differs itself in the two different sides of the vehicle:

  • Left side: three Light Shelf modules, the first two have 5 foldable shelves to insert tool cases with medium-size equipment. The third one has only three shelves to transport tools of big dimensions. Then, a standard module with three drawers and plastic containers is dedicated to the storage of small metal parts and other materials. A perforated tool-holding wall has different hooks where the client can insert the most-used tools;
  • Right side: two Light Shelf modules have five foldable shelves each in different sizes. This side of the vehicle has a module with perforated tool-holding wall, drawers, plastic containers and lifting aluminium doors with assisted opening to store different accessories and materials.