Shelves for Van racking systems – STORAGE SMART

The best way to maximize commercial vehicle space

Shelves for van racking systems help to create a well organised mobile workshop so that you’ll always know where to find the equipment you need while keeping the van space clutter-free.

Store Van offers a large variety of racking options through modular elements that can be combined any way you want. Among the many available, borderless STORAGE SMART shelves for work van racking systems are perfect for transporting bulky material, boxes, containers and luggage.

With a smooth surface and no front raised edge, the new borderless racking shelves can be combined with other components, offering functional versatility. A smooth, borderless shelf for work van racking systems can be fitted with a door panel to safely keep tools from falling when the vehicle is moving. DOOR PLUS aluminium doors close off the compartment completely while DOOR SMALL aluminium doors partially.

Among other possible combinations, borderless racking system shelves can be equipped with plastic containers that are easily handled thanks to the shelf’s flat surface, and with anti-slip mats that keep the load from shifting while the van is moving.