Wheel arch boxes for vans

Protect the vehicle’s bodywork with the Store Van wheel arch boxes for vans

The Store Van wheel arch box is designed to protect but also enhance the interior covering of any van.

Wheel arch boxes for vans

The wheel arch is a vehicle component that is generally overlooked when outfitting a van. The rear wheels are often incorporated in the lower part of the scaffolding. The resulting compartment can be further used to store cases and medium-size equipment, and can be closed with flap doors or shutters.

In the event that the van equipment consists only of the van flooring and interior panelling, the wheel arch remains uncovered, increasing the probability of damages from impacts or wear. To overcome this problem, Store Van has designed a new interior covering: the wheel arch box with three closed sides and a top tray. It is easy to install, thanks to the keyed joints of the corner element on the floor that slot into the wheel arch sides and to the concealed floor fastening system.

Wheel arch box with sheet metal or wooden front panels

Copripassaruota per furgoni

Wheel arch box with sheet metal front panels

Copripassaruota per furgone

Wheel arch box with sheet wooden front panels


The van wheel arch box turns into a useful outfitting component that can be used to fasten accessories or place small- and medium-size equipment. The structure of the wheel arch box is made up of:

  • Side frames: made of 12/10 automotive galvanised steel, they are sturdy ribbed reinforcements with a perforated panel to fasten accessories such as can holders, document holders and mat holders.
  • Front cover: the front panel covering the wheel arch can be made of 12/10 automotive galvanised steel or 9 mm engineered birch wood with grey phenolic coating.
  • Top tray: can be covered with a non-slip mat on which small- and medium-size equipment can be placed. If a load-securing bar is mounted on the upper part of the van side, equipment such as ladders, loading ramps and trolleys can be easily secured using load-securing straps.


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