Roof bars and ladder rack for vans

Space Up – The revolutionary roof system by StoreVan

The Store Van roof bars and ladder rack for vans are designed to use up all the space available on the roof of the vehicle.
Thanks to the innovative Space Up system, transporting various types of loads or equipment is no longer a problem. Lightweight, aerodynamic and stylish, the innovative roof rack for vans allows for loading and unloading the goods to be transported without any effort and in fully safe conditions.

Space UpBoth the ladder rack slide and the dynamic roof rack can descend down to road level, so that the operator can maintain an ergonomic posture during work and avoid having to use stools or additional ladders to reach the roof of the vehicle.
Choosing and installing the roof rack and ladder rack for vans has never been so easy and quick: they are subdivided on the basis of the vehicle’s dimensions (small, medium, large) and can be adapted to various roof profiles with appropriate supports to be positioned near the holes made by the manufacturer.
Available in three different models, the Space Up system is manufactured with premium-quality and sturdy materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium.


Three different solutions for your van’s roof rack:


Thanks to numerous accessories available for the Space Up system, you can easily secure tubes, poles and all your work material, freeing some much-needed space inside the load compartment.


Load-restraining belts
Thanks to appropriate slots available on each roof bar, the Store Van belts can be quickly attached to secure any type of goods.


Lateral containment brackets
These supports help to secure the goods laterally.


Tube carriers
Steel cylindrical containers that are fastened to the bars – an ideal solution for transporting tubes and poles safely and tidily.


Airline load-restraining bar
A bar with fixing points to fasten products on multiple levels using load-restraining belts.


LED strip
Can be inserted in the lateral panel to light up the surrounding space.


Support for warning light and the warning light itself.


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