Urgent official communication: phishing attempt



Subject: phishing attempt

Some of our customers are advising us about some “phishing” emails.

The sender, posing as Fami, is requesting the payment of some outstanding invoices into a bank account which is not ours.

The mentioned emails show our company logo, stamp and signature and other details that make them seem real and true. Please be alert.

Please note that our company and bank details, which are indicated in each invoice, remain the same.

For any doubt or further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


7 tips to protect yourself from phishing:

1: check carefully sender’s name and address

2: too formal and generic e-mail could hide phishing attempts

3: check grammar and spelling that could result from automatic translators

4: check the reliability of any link indicated in the email

5: do not send your data details by email

6: check any attached file

7: doubt e-mails that require compliance on mandatory and imminent dates