Floor and panels for vans

The Store Van interior coverings for vans offer guaranteed protection of the bodywork and load compartment.

The van floor can be lined with a marine wood or an aluminium diamond plate to protect the vehicle’s protective coating and the bodywork from scratches and dents inevitably caused by the equipment and load. The side walls and door of the vehicle are instead covered with polypropylene honeycomb panelling.

The full covering of the load compartment also includes the protection of the partition behind the cab: the Store Van bulkhead system, consisting of steel crossbars and lateral reinforcements and wooden and/or perforated metal panels, protects the bodywork but can also be used to store equipment and accessories.

The van covering can be completed with Store Van wheel arch boxes, featuring a steel structure and wooden or perforated sheet-metal side covers, the latter designed for attaching tools and various utensils using straps and load-securing hooks.”

Interior coverings for vans:



Wood flooring, 9/12 mm thickness, with phenolic film coating and TÜV-certified friction coefficient. Van side panels made of a 4-mm thick polypropylene sheets.
Wooden and polypropylene interior van coverings

Aluminium van lining


Aluminum van lining for the different van parts: left and right side, sliding door and, when needed, for the lower part of the back doors. Aluminum diamond flooring with holes to access the load-restraining rings.
Aluminium van lining

Van Bulkhead System

Bulkhead System

A protective panel attached to the van partition, consisting of a sturdy structure built with steel crossbeams and side ribbing and modular panels made of engineered birch (smooth) or coated steel (perforated). It performs a three-fold function: protection, safety and load securing.

Bulkhead System

Wheel arch boxes for vans

Wheel arch boxes

The covering of the wheel arch prevents the bodywork from deforming due to the weight of the load being transported. The Store Van wheel arch box is made of 12/10 automotive steel, with holes on the side frames to attach Store Van accessories and equipment, and can be covered on the front with steel or wooden panels.
Wheel arch boxes

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