Dividers for tool cases and drawer units

STORE-BOX DIVIDER is the new system of dividers for STORE-BOX van cases and drawer units, designed by Store Van for even more convenient mobile storage in your commercial vehicle. Keeping tools and small parts tidy will no longer be a problem, thanks to the combination of plastic containers and metal dividers that fit perfectly into any point in the drawer, in quantities that can be varied to requirements, or in the van case, with which they are interchangeable.

The modular nature of the innovative Store Van subdivision system is a major step forward in improving efficiency and optimising organisation in the storage of small parts and tools, which can be transferred in a moment, each in its own compartment, from the drawer to the case, ready to leave the cargo section with the professional.

In the whole of Europe, only Store Van and very few other commercial vehicle fitting producers distribute a product that saves the user at least 70% of the time needed to organise small parts cases.

Produced in various colours and sizes, and available for different types of drawer, Dividers can create up to 180 subdivision combinations. Look through the Dividers catalogue and explore the combinations offered for different types of cases and drawers.

Examples for tool cases

Examples for drawer units